Current Exhibitions

They Were All Talking At The Same Time So I Grew More Ears
Drawing, sculpture and animation by Matt Christy
February 4-March 6
“The only way to make sense of all the voices is not to silence some and listen to the wise ones but to grow more ears, listen to the rats, get bigger, make more, demand more space, expect more from the work, until the images start living their own lives in other heads, until they infect the world as my extension, bringing more, producing more, refashioning and retelling the world, destroying arrangements and making new ones, then we can start to talk, instead of just listening and listening. They Were All Talking At The Same Time So I grew More Ears are cinematic works that make up an open narrative, including a book, an animation, a sculpture, and some drawings.

In a series of drawings called “Wing Mite Steals the Show,” a putti draws back a red curtain to reveal a soldier child on the march. The next image narrows in on an angel with a cane, then a wing speckled with little red mites, and then an isolated image of a wing mite. Setting up a narrative gives me the chance to divert it. Instead of following the central story on stage we zoom in on a stagehand, the angel, a divine messenger plagued with a very earthly problem, parasites. In the final image, we zoom again onto the microscopic surface of the mite, a growing abstraction that abruptly ends the series as a red theatrical curtain closes.” –Matt Christy

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