Current Exhibition


The Place You Will Wait for the Rest of Your Life by Greg Pond with Amy Johnson, Archie Stapleton, and Crazy Horse
Nov. 1-Jan. 5
Read exhibition brochure here
The Place You Will Wait for the Rest of Your Life is an exhibition that combines Greg Pond’s previous work with a documentary project he has undertaken over the last 9 months. Since January 2014 Pond has been working with photographer Amy Johnson on an ongoing documentary project about the community of Patten Towers, a Section 8 housing facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The project follows several residents, developing unique works in collaboration with each person. One of the residents is man named Crazy Horse, who possesses a remarkable creative brilliance. This exhibition involves Pond’s sculpture sound and video work, Crazy Horse’s writing and collages, and photography made in collaboration Amy Johnson. Pond has made sculptures, video, and sound that extrapolate upon his views of working on the documentary that meld with his own individual heuristic practice. The collection of works circulates around notions of how each of us psychologically locate ourselves within our surroundings and the resultant desires that develop from this sense of place.
Listen to a sound clip of the work.

Crazy Horse SeedImage1



“The Cloud Story Project” By Jana Harper

For “The Cloud Story Project,” Jana Harper works with the community to explore notions of perspective, connection and environment through cloud imagery. Inspired by her search to recover thousands of photographic negatives of clouds taken by her mother who was diagnosed with Bipolar I, Harper aims to study, contextualize, and equalize her mother’s obsession with clouds through the thoughts, stories, and experiences of many others.
Oct 8.
Harper has been working with 4 and 5 years olds from the Mama Lere School on Vanderbilt campus. In collaboration with their teacher, Rob Schaffer, they have designed a “cloud project” focus for the week of fall break, Oct 6-10. Monday they looked at famous cloud paintings in art history and then they made paintings of their own. Later, they made clouds on sticks in preparation for a “cloud parade” which will be documented on film.
“Athens of the South” By John Warren

“Athens of the South” is inspired by John Dewey’s belief that communication creates a great community, and that citizens who participate actively with public life contribute to that community. In “The Public and its Problems,” he writes:
“The clear consciousness of a communal life, in all its implications, constitutes the idea of democracy.”
John Warren has been teaching video art to underserved students at Maplewood High School in East Nashville every Friday since early October. He’s working with about 60 students to make self-portrait videos, observational documentaries about life around the school (ROTC, an auto body shop, etc.), funny fake trailers, and rap videos.
On Friday, December 5th, the students will travel to Seed Space to see their films projected in an art gallery setting.
“The experience for me has been fun and challenging (both to be expected). The unexpected thing for me has been the way in which my little artistic intervention has had a positive impact on the lives of some students. Upon first meeting, the students were difficult and not interested in anything I was teaching. But I quickly won their trust by listening to them as individuals and understanding what was important to them. Mike Mitchell, the classroom teacher who works with them all week, has told me stories about the positive impact that my workshop continues to have on the students after I’ve left—students who were not interested in school, suddenly incorporating lessons from this workshop into other channels of their schoolwork or lives. In addition to teaching them how to put movies together, I am endorsing a definition of knowledge that emphasizes their personal experience, which seems contrary to the definition of knowledge endorsed by public high schools (i.e., “teach for the test”), which is not a formula that is usefully to many of these students. Some of their lives are harder than you or I could imagine—just one example, a student is making a project about his cousin who was shot and killed—and they do not see themselves succeeding in the school. But my workshop has demonstrated for some how understanding their personal knowledge can help them understand more general processes of society.” –John Warren, Nov. 15, 2014

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