Current Exhibition


October 3-Nov 20
“Wars and Rumors of Wars”
Exhibition by Eric Dickson


“The Cloud Story Project” By Jana Harper
September 2014 – Oct. 4


For “The Cloud Story Project,” Jana Harper works with the community to explore notions of perspective, connection and environment through cloud imagery. Inspired by her search to recover thousands of photographic negatives of clouds taken by her mother who was diagnosed with Bipolar I, Harper aims to study, contextualize, and equalize her mother’s obsession with clouds through the thoughts, stories, and experiences of many others.
Follow the progress of “The Cloud Story Project” and stay updated about related events and happenings on our Seed Space Residency Tumblr!

“Athens of the South” By John Warren
October 2014 – Current


“Athens of the South” is inspired by John Dewey’s belief that communication creates a great community, and that citizens who participate actively with public life contribute to that community. In “The Public and its Problems,” he writes:
“The clear consciousness of a communal life, in all its implications, constitutes the idea of democracy.”
John Warren has been teaching video art to underserved students at Maplewood High School in East Nashville every Friday since early October. He’s working with about 60 students to make self-portrait videos, observational documentaries about life around the school (ROTC, an auto body shop, etc.), funny fake trailers, and rap videos. Project is ongoing, and will culminate in a final presentation in 2015.
Follow the progress of “Athens of the South” and stay updated about related events and happenings on our Seed Space Residency Tumblr!

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