Future Exhibitions

July 2-Aug 8
Brent Stewart and Willie Stewart


RUNNERS is the debut work by artists Brent Stewart and Willie Stewart working in tandem on ongoing artworks en-flux that become a conceptual platform for various means of image making via multi-media, performance, sculptural and object installation presenting the plight of two characters played by the artists themselves navigating the terrain of abstract, formal and traditional cinematic narratives within and outside the context of the contemporary art milieu.
The exhibition includes an immersive installation and a single channel video RUNNERS (2015) of the two artists smuggling a concealed case wrapped in a dirty, mauve towel through the backwoods and back-roads of a rural setting towards a particular sacred destination. The installation work reconstructs a type of immersive cinematic freeze frame. This work is a behind-the-scenes look at the protagonist characters within an ongoing, fragmented narrative in which the setting, pieces and props are disconnected from the ongoing story…
“It’s Easyriders meets James Turrell”
brent & willie (April 2016)
Sept 3-Oct 1
Opulent Pages
By Hanita Schwartz

Opulent Pages
Original image by François Halard with intervention (crumpled paper on floor) by Hanita Schwartz
“I worship the opulent pages that made me think less of myself, less than the artists and patrons who filled these pages. But that also made me the privileged participant in performing the tasks I wanted.” –Hanita Schwartz
Sept 3
The Pop-up Puppet Truck
One night only performance by Donny Gettinger & Myra Su
Seed Space is open the first Saturday of each month during AM@WH Art Crawl.

During the week we are open M + W 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. and by appointment.
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