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Wedgewood Houston Studio Tour

We’re very excited to be a part of the Wedgewood-Houston community here in Nashville, as we see it growing and developing every day into a very exciting art community. Our good friends and frequent collaborators at Zeitgeist Gallery are new to the neighborhood, and Nashville Scene arts writer Laura Hutson gave a write-up of the new location and inaugural exhibition that suggests she sees just the same happening in this neighborhood.

Zeitgeist’s new location, which lies just around the corner from Gabby’s Burgers near Greer Stadium, signals a shift in ambition from a commercial storefront to a hub for the future of Nashville’s art scene. (Leave it to a gallery owned by an architect to dictate purpose through a built environment.) Artists collective Fort Houston, indie galleries Seed Space and Threesquared, and studios for some of Nashville’s most talented artists are all coming up within blocks of each other. Now that Zeitgeist, a stalwart of the independent creative community, has joined the fold, the neighborhood is shaping up to be the antipode of 5th Avenue of the Arts’ safe middle-of-the-road fare.

The article comes at an advantageous time, as we’ve been working very hard to put together a new kind of event for Seed Space, and that is our Studio Tour and Gallery Walk. While the Studio Tour will be Seed Space facilitated, we’ve specifically designed this event to be run by the artists and creative businesses of the area. Our curator, Rachel Bubis, will lead an initial tour of the Chestnut building as an introduction for those interested in joining her, but visitors will be able to go to the artist’s studio and talk with artists in a way that hasn’t really been possible before.


This is also an endeavor on our part to get to know our neighbors. We have rented out space in the SNAP Community Center for our professional development workshops. We chat and chocolate daily with Three Squared next door. However, there are others in our building and in our neighborhood that we want to see more of, and to collaborate more with. This is as much an introduction for Nashville residents wanting to see this burgeoning art scene as it is a way to draw out the artists and get us all to know one another.


So, by all means, join us on June 9th and explore for yourself what Laura Hutson was talking about.


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