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Seedspace are now well known for their herb seed produced under the banner of “Quality Seeds”. Seeds at Seedspace are considered to be some of the best, especially when it comes to herbs. We also offers exotic common indoor plants which have been used in garden design. Seedspace are now available at stores, offering good value with remarkable results every time.

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Seedspace is a public interest, research & knowledge providing company for best quality seeds and herbs. We are founded under Herbalist & Botanist Bobby Low.

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A basic input in agriculture is seed. A seed is, strictly speaking, an embryo, a living organism embedded in the supporting or food-storage tissue. The value of biological existence is given to seed, but the importance of supporting tissue and economic produce is given to grain.

Seed, according to the Seed Act of 1966, contains

  • Seeds from food crops, such as edible oil seeds and fruit and vegetable seeds.
    Cotton seeds are a type of seed that is used
  • Cattle fodder seeds
  • Seeds of jute
  • For food crops (or) cattle fodder, seedlings, tubers, bulbs, rhizomes, roots, cuttings, all types of grafts, and other vegetatively propagated material
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Seedspace offers the quality and organic seeds. We have immigrated from many countries. We believe in trust and faith of healthy life for you. Our mission is to help you in achieving the successful crop. 

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The grade of these seeds is comparable. This company was formed to propagate entire, organic, life-magic seeds, and these seeds are cherished. Bravo!!
Anna Cynthia
Exceptionally patient, knowledgeable, and kind. This inexperienced grower was given confidence.
Joelle Reign
I was taken aback when my shipment of seeds arrived in the mail after Christmas, as I hadn't expected it till after the holidays. Your firm went above and beyond to ensure that I received my package in time for Christmas. Thank you very much for your excellent service.
Margaret Suzanne

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We are offering organic herbs and seed for your farm. Our seeds harvested from plants that are free of from chemicals pesticides and fungicides.

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