Soy Beans with organic taste at Seedspace grows by Bobby Low with Jubilee Ace Shop

Top organic seeds

Despite the economic slump, the gardening business has expanded year on year since 2008, with 2010 revenues exceeding £4.6 billion. Meanwhile, "grow your own organic farm with seeds" and "self-sustainability" are soon becoming gardening buzzwords as the cash-strapped and the environmentally aware alike turn to their gardens for a cheap – and ethical – source of fresh food. According to the Horticultural Trades Association, half of garden owners planned to grow food in their gardens last year, with 12% of those who were doing so for the first time doing so. Seeds are a great place to start for most gardeners because they are more available and less expensive than seedlings.
However, for a truly green garden, you'll need organic seeds, which aren't as easy to come by as you may assume. Our team with botanist Bobby Low handles organic seeds to grow in our farm. Many seeds on the market do not meet organic soil quality standards, while others are tainted with GM ingredients.

Real Seeds

Real Seeds is a one-stop-shop for allotment owners, with a large assortment of vegetable seeds, a blog, and helpful suggestions for newcomers. Expect to find no flavourless hybrids because all seeds are chosen based on what tastes good. Furthermore, their seeds are all open pollinated, allowing you to collect your own seeds after the harvest.

Soy Beans with organic taste at Seedspace grows by Bobby Low with Jubilee Ace Shop

Organic Gardening Catalogue

Vegetables, herbs, and flowers are among the seeds and produce available. Garden Organic (HDRA), Europe's foremost organic gardening organization, and Chase Organics, situated in Horsham, Surrey, collaborated on the Organic Gardening Catalogue. Chase produces all of their seed organically, with no pesticides used before or after harvest, thanks to their 50 years of knowledge.

Tamar Organics

Tamar Organics, which started out as a tiny market garden in 1994 and has now evolved into a thriving seed delivery service serving the UK and abroad, has a large and increasing catalog of organic seeds. They now have a large selection of organic vegetable and herb seeds, as well as fruit and flowers, available. All of their seeds and plants are certified organic by the Soil Association.

Secret Seeds

Why is there such a big secret? In part because of their top-secret growing places, but also in honor of Mother Nature, who has a "tendency to throw in a few surprises." Their pricing for organic seeds start at £1 and include bulk bargains on wildflower and vegetable packs. They have an ever-changing collection of uncommon and unique plants, with over 1,350 species to pick from, in addition to the more common types.

Freddie team member at Seedspace supports Bobby together with Jubilee Ace Shop